Bistro Point of Sales software is an excellent POS that enables you to minimize costs and run your business more efficiently, thus resulting in increased revenue and ultimately, huge profits.

It has become very popular because of three main properties: ease of use, security and reliability as well as complete functionality.

Ease of use

Bistro POS is very easy to use and quite spontaneous. Since all the buttons are big and bold, they can be used without much difficulty.

Security and Reliability

The POS runs using up-to-date Java technology which gives it capacity to run on SQL database as well as multiple platforms. Security of your data is therefore guaranteed.

Complete Functionality

Bistro POS is designed with sufficient capacity to enable effective and efficient running of your business organization.

Features of Bistro Point of Sales Software

1. Table layout

The customizable table layout can be used to identify tables that are available, billed, seated and/or ordered.

2. Auto Email

The system automatically sends summarized reports of sales transactions on a daily basis. It can be reset to send the reports after every other hour or after the end of every shift.

3. Discounts & happy hours

Using the POS, you can choose to give discounts by amount or percentage. You can also choose to give discounts on subtotals, specific items or in certain departments.

4. Membership & loyalty points

You can use Bistro Point of Sales software to attract and/or retain your customers by giving them points for every transaction made, then encouraging them to redeem the accumulated points later on.

5. HQ Consolidated Report

Since the system allows automatic synchronization of sales transactions from all other outlets to the head office, you’ll have little or no difficulty in preparing consolidated reports.

6. Authorization level

The POS enables you to assign different authorization levels to your members of staff, which gives them access to specific functions of the software.

7. HQ Centralized Data

The POS has a HQ module which enables you to properly manage all outlets from a central location. It allows automatic synchronization of data from the HQ to satellite stations through the internet.

8. Stock management

Bistro POS makes necessary deductions whenever items are sold, thus enabling you to identify commodities which need to be restocked. Therefore, you’ll manage your stock in a more effective way.

9. Reservation

You can make reservations using the Bistro POS station terminal. In-built reservations modules are also incorporated.

Additional features

The features mentioned above are just a few. Bistro POS is designed with many other features. They include:

  • Take Away Mode
  • Transfer of Items between Warehouses
  • Menu Button that is fully customizable
  • Purchase Order & Goods Receipt
  • Unlimited Items
  • Item Modifiers
  • Multiple Price Level
  • Multiple Forced Modifier
  • Multiple Print Chit
  • Manager Price Overide
  • Fast-Cash Payment Button
  • Join Table & Change Table
  • Cash & Carry
  • Merge Bill & Split Bill
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Delivery Mode

As you can see, bistro point of sales software from QuinosPOS is really quite comprehensive and powerful – then why wait to own and start utilizing it?