Recently reopened, Bluegrass Bar & Grill has now relocated to a spot on the ground floor of Bakrie Tower directly across the street from its original home. The concept behind Bluegrass Bar & Grill is to serve a primarily American “country-style” grill menu with high quality ingredients and generous proportions- all at reasonable prices.

The kitchen is specializing in American style grilled meats- with the signature dish is their Baby Back Ribs. Other popular grilled meat dishes include Lamb Shanks;  200 gram Tenderloin and 250 gram Sirloin; and a massive 1kg Rib-eye “in bone”.  Burgers are also a menu highlight. The other American style dishes range from salads to grilled seafoods and chicken, sausages, and a “Bluegrass Sampler” menu of 80 gm portions of steaks, fish, sausages and chicken. Some selections of local cuisine are available- highlighted by Bluegrass Oxtail ; Bluegrass Crazy Rice; and Pork Belly over Rice.

Apart from the American grills, the bar is the other main attraction at Bluegrass Bar & Grill. Serving an extensive of cocktails, premium spirits and beers, the bar is a popular spot to hangout for some late evening drinks.

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Bakrie Tower, Ground Floor
Kawasan Rasuna Epicentrum
Tel: 021-29941660
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