What features do a bar point of sales software would need? Theft control, faster service delivery, dependable hardware, reduced training time for new employees and so on. Well, not all point of sale systems will have these features. This brief article will bring you up to speed with the four key features that each bar point of sale software should have to improve operations and maximize profits.

4 bar point of sales software features that make a big difference

1. Mobile Point of sale hardware (POS tablet software)

With this feature, employees can accept orders, process payments and complete transactions quickly and effortlessly while interacting with the customers. The customers may also tip, sign and request for receipts right on the tablet POS software. The main advantage of this software is that it not allows your employees to serve more customers at a shorter time, but also allows them to interact with customers rather than moving back and forth to access the cashier.

2. Cloud based bar management software

This feature allows the bar owners to see how their businesses are performing in real time, and from any location. The feature offers bar managers with enterprise reporting and gives them secure access to detailed sales, inventory and labor reports across all their businesses. In addition, the reports can further be segmented to know the sales productivity of certain items or the productivity of a specific employee.

3. Cash drawer management

It is estimated that about 95 percent of all business experience employee theft at one point in time. In the bar business, employee theft is extremely high due to the large cash flows. But, with the cash drawer management software, you are in a position to detect such theft. The feature offers detailed sales and inventory reporting hence you can never miss to see irregularities when they arise. Furthermore, the feature also has the ability to track multiple cash drawers separately, the blind closeout capabilities and an option to link specific cash drawers to each employee. In addition, this feature makes the close of day tasks less time consuming for managers.

4. Detailed CRM

One of the main challenges that most bars face is getting the biggest spenders through their doors. To avert this, your bar point of sale system should feature a built in customer relationship management software that can enable you collect clients’ contact information and their history every time they pay using their debit or credit cards. You can use this information to create a contact list that can be used in future to notify your loyal customers about upcoming promotions, offers and events without needing the services of a promoter.

Well, those are the four key features that your bar point of sales software should have in order to optimize its operation and maximize profits.