Cafe point of sales software have demonstrated their utility and steadily gained importance in the competitive restaurant business. It is fact that nowadays a significant number of people prefer to carry and pay with card instead of cash. Not having a point of sale software installed at your cafe means that you are effectively putting up a ‘do not enter’ sign for this significant chunk of potential customers.

While smaller players in restaurant and hospitality business, such as food trucks and hot dog carts, can still get away with cash only option, the cost of not having a cafe point of sales software is significant in terms of lost potential revenue for cafes, bistros and restaurants. A common deterring factor among cafe owners has been the levy of merchant fees, that can go as high as 3 percent, associated with credit and debit card payments. However, the potential to augment your profits significantly by welcoming new set of patrons more than compensates for that.

So what are the other benefits of having a cafe point of sales software? Here is our top three.

1) Welcome new customers

The key to success in restaurant and cafe business, like any other, is through attracting new customers. With a point of sales software, your cafe would be in the position not to miss out on that important constituency of customers who prefer to pay with credit or debit cards. The technology for point of sales software has advanced enough to allow your staff to process the card transaction on the table itself so that your patrons are not inconvenienced.

2) Quicker and accurate payment processing

Every cafe owner knows that time is a critical factor during high traffic hours when you are in a constant battle to free up space for those waiting. Having a point of sales software means that you are in a position to quickly process the payment and ensure lower waiting time for waiting patrons. Similarly, old school method of payment via cash is fraught with the risk of costly mistakes. With a point of sales software, the whole payment processing system is streamlined with an integrated interface conveying all the relevant information.

3. Keep a tab on inventory

Owning a restaurant is like running a tight ship. If you are not good at keeping a track of your costs, whether it is wastage, theft or loss through other means, your business will not prosper. With a point of sale software, you will have the capability to keep a close eye on your inventory and everyday usage pattern tracking. With the help of a cafe point of sales software you can track in real time and can cut costs by ordering items at the right time so that there is no loss of perishable goods.